USAAF Type A-2 Thousand Miles

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Premium quality steerhide and hand-tanned in our own tannery.

A-2 US Army Air Force The A-2 jacket was introduced in 1930 and produced until about 1942 as the successor to the A-1 jacket. As the B-3 jackets were "the" jackets for flying in the higher altitudes (as the Bomber pilots did), the A-2 jacket was "the" jacket for the fighterpilots. Also like the B-3s, the A-2s became legendary and stand for freedom and tolerance.

· 2 mm thick, fantastic leather - hand tanned just like it was 70 years ago
· the back-piece is made from a single piece of hide!
· genuine 100% cotton inner lining - absolutely authentic and helps
support the air exchange in the jacket for a pleasant body climate
· big outer snap-flap patch-pockets
· exquisitly hand-made

Vegetable tanning: is practiced only rarely anymore since it is very complex, 
but only with this kind of tanning does the leather become great to the touch
and receive its exclusive look.
Our own production secures that you receive the highest quality and this fantastic price!