Sidewinder Horseleather

Producent: Noble House
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The Sidewinder is a Cafe Racer style jacket produced using our premium quality Argentenian Horsehhide.

We've designed this jacket based on functionality and comfort during every day use, with quick access pocket to your cigarettes or cell phone while on the go. This is not a racing jacket - but instead an iconic symbol of the American rebel youth. Think Peter Fonda, James Dean. A high quality jacket from Noble House for all the Easy Riders! 


  • Two breast pockets with zipper
  • Two arm pockets with zipper
  • Two inner pockets (one with zip, one without)
  • Cotton inner lining
  • Weaved leather straps on both sides for optimum style and ease of adjustment
  • Shoulders and upper arm with double sewn diamond pattern
  • High quality Argentinian Horehide vegetable tanned and aneline colored


Available sizes on request