Luftwaffe HE-219 UHU - NACHTJÄGER Fliegerjacke

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This jacket is known to be one of the most wanted Fliegerjacken (flight jackets) for any collection. It was originally handed out to the flying staff of the Luftwaffe.

Mostly given to the Heinkel Uhu Nachtjäger 219 crew known for their "unique" taste in music.

Although the original jacket was available in in a heatable and unheatable version- we decided to do with out the heating on this wonderfully made reproduction of the jacket ;-)
Otherwise it is a 1:1 copy.

Only the best and finest leather from argentinian cattle was used and dyed in our own tannery - with real sheepskin/wool collar!
For the inside lining, the cotton was webbed in Italy so that it has the exact quality and richness which was unsed on the original jackets.

Many beautiful technical details can be highlighted on this jacket:

- outside pocket for cards
- authentic hornbuttons (made in Germany)
- zig-zag seam used for the collar
- real sheepskin collar, reinforced with cattle leather
- possible to tighten on the inside of the jacket
- completely wind-proof… worn by real pilots, for example: Kiebitz Doppeldecker

The Nachtjäger jacket, a piece of wearable aviational history.