Leatherjacket Rockabilly Marlon Brando cognac

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Leather Jacket Rockabilly Marlon Brando

THE cult leather jacket from the 1950s.

This jacket thanks great actors like Marlon Brando for its cult status. Brando advanced to become an idol amongst rebellious youth at the latest after he starred as the leader of a motorcycle gang in the 1953 movie "The Wild One" - in which he wore this type of jacket.

This is the Cognac colored version of the Rockabilly jacket. This jacket is made from hand-tanned premium quality cowhide leather. Since it is hand-tanned, the coloring of the jacket may vary a little bit from the example picture (the cognac color is a bit more difficult to achieve than the "regular" dark brown), but it is definitely much lighter than the brown version. The used or somewhat worn look is applied to the jacket by hand - which makes every jacket just a little bit different from the next and unique. This makes the unmistakable and incomparable Rockabilly look…

· cognac color
· hand tanned - same authentic way as it was 70 years ago -
· from premium quality cowhide
· fantastic leather: 1,5 mm thick
· 3 big front pockets
· one smaller "cigarette lighter" pocket
· 2 inner pockets- one is closable with a zipper
· nice, quilted satin inner lining
· of course zippers on the sleeve ends to be able to vary the tightness of the sleeves
· turned down collar can be held in place by snap fasteners
· belt attached on the front to help keep you warm
· exquisitly hand-made