Heinz Bär WW2 Luftwaffe

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We here at Noble House are proud to now bring back to life a legendary jacket from forgotten times. Here we offer you the Heinz Bär flight jacke- a dedication and exact replica from the famous fighter pilot of the 51st Luftwaffe division, a pilot who achieved a record 252 confirmed enemy fighter planes downed.

Using an original jacket from our private collection we have created an exact production. On the outside of the jacket you will find two horizontical breast pockets sewn in with the original brand Ritsch, a quality company even to these modern times still in business.
Additionally you will find two hand pockets situated at a comfortable 45 degree angle. Inside the jacket are two pockets, one open and one with a classic Ritsch zipper. These deep pockets were used for the carry of a Luger/Mauser service pistol and a theatre map/navigation cards.


Ritsch Zipper
Plaid light green/white/beige inner lining.
Handpicked Aneline Steerhide
Sewn in elastic band in the lower back for added form.
This jacket is guranteed to amaze you with its quality and attention to detail.