Flight Jacket Barkhorn

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Gerhard Barkhorn was the second most successful german fighter pilot, and a pilot ace, in World War II. 
In 1942, he joined the "Jagdverband 44", which was led by Adolf Galland, and was able to fly the first jet fighter plane- the Messerschmitt Me 262- until the end of the war. 
After WW II, Gerhard Barkhorn joined the german Bundeswehr and was, among other things, squadron leader of the famous "Geisterstaffel" (1. Jagdbomber sqad). 
Then he led the Jagdbombergeschwader 31 "Boelcke" until 1962.
This classic jacket with its double rows of metal buttons, was a favorite among the german Luftwaffe fighter pilots. It was worn especially often at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War in the Condor Legion, as well as later in 1942 Africa.

Black fighter pilot jackets with double rows are very rare and hard to find.


- Leather: tough but soft steerhide in black, 1,2mm, 2,5 kg

- Front: 2 breast pockets with snap fasteners, 2 side pockets with original -RITSCH- zippers, and 1 inner pocket

- all buttons have a "twin" sown opposite of them (double button rows)
- inner lining made from authentic linen fabric in the original blue color of the Luftwaffe, and 20er wadding
- epaulettes/shoulder straps which can be buttoned on to the jacket are included
- end of the sleeves made with storm cuffs
- exquisit workmanship, hand made

Vegetable tanning: is practiced only rarely anymore since it is very complex, but only with this kind of tanning does the leather receive its exclusive, plastic look and the nice feel when you touch it.

Our own production secures that you receive the highest quality and this fantastic price!