Battle of Britain Women

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Battle of Britain Frauen

This sheepskin jacket were worn by the us-american aviation pioneer Amelia Mary Earhart (* 24. July 1897, † 5. January 1939)
1920 she was the first time in her life a passenger in an airplane. From now on, her goal was to acquire a pilot's license. To get the money to fund a pilot's license, she worked 28 different jobs. She began 1921 her first flight lessons with Neta Snook. A short while after that she bought her first airplane. With this aircraft she broke the record for the world altitude record for women.

On the 17. Juni 1928 she was the first woman ever that crossed the atlantic in a 20 hours flight - as a passenger. Nevertheless she was celebrated as hero and has been voted "Woman of the Year". At the latest she was now an idol for the young american women. In the year 1932 she was the first woman ever that crossed the Atlantic in a solo flight. For that, she was honored by the american president Herbert C. Hoover with the gold medal of the National Geographic Society and was awarded with the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Just before her 40th birthday she planned to circumnavigate the world at the equator. She started with a Lockheed Model 10 at the 21st of Mai 1937 from Miami towards Brasil, West-Africa, Calcutta and Yangon. At the 29. Juni she already flew 3/4th of the distance. The world lost contact to Amelia at the 2nd July 8:40 am over the pacific.

Even though there has been formed a big search party, no trace of Amelia has been found. She has been declared 'missing, presumed dead'.

The BoB-Women is a beautiful sheep skin jacket for women. She keeps its wearer warm and because of the overlapping cut very nice to look at.



  • authentic US-sheepskin - at least 12 mm -
  • Colour: Mocha with a slight patina
  • Fleece: brown
  • Turn up collar with straps and rings
  • Belt

- Own production ensures highest quality and an excellent price