B-3 ALPHA Flightjacket

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B-3 Alpha Flight Jacket
B-3 Alpha Luxury Bomber Jacket

In order to fly in high altitudes, the pilots needed a special jacket. To fullfill this need, the US AAF developed the B-3 Flight Jacket. It kept the pilots warm at altitudes of 25000 ft.

This B-3 Alpha is a luxury version - a noble look and extra durability with strengthened seams (leather strips/piping sewn over the seams).

· strengthened seams
· outer color is true to the WWII mocha color
· 100% sheep wool inside, tan-honey color
· Talon replica zippers
· two outer slash pockets
· waist can be tightened with buckles on the side
· collar can be turned up and secured with two straps fastened with buckles

The classic "vintage" look gives the B-3 flying jacket a great degree of authenticity. A great jacket for flying in a bi-plane, driving a convertible, riding a motorcycle, or just taking a walk.

Top quality - hand made. Our own production secures the great quality and the fantastic price.